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The Sourcing


The Sustainability

From an objective point of view, we make our customers aware of the importance of protecting the environment, and we try to avoid plastic in the packaging we ship. We ship in compostable express bags

The Spark

The establishment of AGELOOP is due to two bad experiences. I used to like cooking sea fish. I am also a sea fishing enthusiast. For the first time, I found part of a long plastic trash bag when I cut the fish and enjoyed it. I can't believe this was found in the belly of a small-belly butterfish! After that, I will carefully dissect every time I cook, until I once again found a greener and more disgusting silicone product (should be an adult toy) in the belly of a deep-sea fish...

The Differentiator

Not all biodegradable can be called compostable. Compostable not only has a short life cycle, but also produces water and carbon dioxide during the degradation process without producing harmful substances. Compostable products are the best among the products that can be widely used in existing technologies Eco-friendly materials.

The Favorite

compostable trash bags and compostable poop bags

The Motto

I hope to be It can reduce 1 billion plastic trash bags and 10 million plastic products in the rest of my life. I will replace them with completely biodegradable products.


About the Brand



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