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More About Us

The Sourcing

We use the highest quality ingredients in the USA, which happen to be sourced here in our back yard in California. We strive to use the most sustainable materials possible, which means selecting ingredients that are easy to grow and harvest to what happens when they are put down your drain and return to the earth.

The Sustainability

Sustainability is apart of every step we take. We house all of our products in aluminum which is 100% recyclable. Our bottles are meant to be reused, but if that is not an option they are the best packaging to recycle. Less than 20% of plastic can actually be reused when plastic is recycled. 100% of aluminum is reused when recycled. Seek out products in aluminum!

The Spark

Our founder, Cindee, was just five years old when she was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease that left her allergic to many commonly used household products. Through the years, she visited numerous experts trying to understand the best way to support her body and, ultimately, her health.

A common theme that kept coming up was to limit her exposure to chemicals and toxins found in body and home products. It was this advice that led her to develop homemade cleaning products and body care products.

She also learned she was not alone; nearly 24 million Americans suffer from auto-immune diseases, and even more, allergies. The need for a genuinely non-toxic cleaning solution was evident. With encouragement from her sister, who also loved the products, she refined and bottled her recipes.

That’s how Black and Berry Living came to be. Our entire product line is the result of years of experience and testing. We believe non-toxic should mean non-toxic; no greenwashing or iffy ingredients - just real efficacy, powered by apple cider vinegar. #byebyetoxins

The Differentiator

Black and Berry Living is truly organic with whole ingredients that leave your home, body, and pets healthier than they found them. We have taken simple, whole ingredients and put them to work for our modern lifestyle. We care about product quality, our Earth, and your health.

The Favorite

My favorite product is the Calendula Herbal Infused Body Oil. The most popular product is the Leather + Tobacco Soap for Men, it sells out quickly with repeat customers stating how much they love the scent.

The Motto

Empowered wellness

Black & Berry Living

About the Brand

Our mission is to provide organic, chemical free alternatives that are safe to be used in your homes, on your body, and on your pets. Our ingredients are all USDA certified organic and housed in a reusable aluminum container.


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