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The Sourcing

The Sustainability

Our core focus is on helping users swap out disposable plastic shaving items for reusable and recyclable products. Our all-metal handles are built to last, and backed by a lifetime warranty. You simply swap out the steel blades, which can be stored and recycled as scrap metal. We ship plastic-free as well, all of our packaging is curb-side recyclable.

The Spark

We simply felt that razors had lost their way a while back, with Big Shave chasing profits over common-sense. Traditional shaving was too inaccessible to most modern consumers, on the other hand, given how challenging safety razors can be to us. So, if we could bring something new into the world, that made shaving plastic-free easier, we thought we ought to do that.

The Differentiator

The Leaf razor, our flagship product, is the most advanced safety razor available. It is a multi-blade, pivoting-head, adjustable razor that is easier, safer and faster to use than traditional safety razors. The Twig razor is a completely reimagined traditional safety razor, with a head half the size of a double-edge razor, and a handle engineered to perfection for weight, balance and blade-presentation.

The Favorite

Our most popular product is The Leaf razor. It is flexible, easy to use, and is a great transition from modern cartridge razors. Our all-new Travel Case is an exciting addition, as the world starts opening up and we all start thinking about going to other places, it's nice to be able to take your shave with you.

The Motto

Care for the places you care about.

Leaf Shave

About the Brand

At Leaf Shave, we develop the most innovative and accessible sustainable shaving razors for women and men. We set out to make a better razor, and it turns out that a better razor is also better for the environment. Now – we’re on a mission to keep pushing the envelope -because we know that a more sustainable shave doesn’t have to sacrifice quality of experience. Since launch, our users have helped keep millions of disposable plastic razors and cartridges out of landfill.


Climate Neutral Certified

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