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More About Us

The Sourcing

Loui pacifiers are designed in Australia and made responsibly in China. Our manufacturers have been leaders in the silicone industry for over 15 years and are ISO 9001 certified.

The Sustainability

One of the advantages of a Loui pacifier is that it does not contain any hard plastics and can be easily recycled at an appropriate facility. What’s more, our packaging is entirely recyclable as well.

The Spark

I actually started thinking about pacifiers back in 2016 – well before I even had a baby of my own! At the time, I had a corporate job, which left me missing my artistic upbringing. (I grew up drawing and painting in a family of artists.) So, in an effort to stimulate my creativity, I began sketching ideas for new products. In the end, I landed on the concept of a safe and stylish baby pacifier.

At the time, everything on the market seemed purely functional. Their aesthetics were good, not great, and I was surprised parents didn’t have better looking options. After all, this is something that sits right in the middle of your baby’s face! The idea was simple enough – to create a terrific, super safe product, that’s a complement rather than a distraction.

The Differentiator

I like to think that our pacifiers have it all. We offer a classic, round shape as well as a fun new scallop. They come in beautiful, sophisticated colors, and a tiny gray gift box that’s seriously pretty. But more importantly, they have a hygienic, single-piece construction and are made of 100% medical grade silicone (which means they’re BPA, phthalate, PVC and latex-free).

Our goal was to create a product and brand that sits at the crossroads of contemporary and classic, playful and polished. Our hope is that parents feel like they get the best of both worlds with Loui. Products that are safe and practical but also a fun accessory that speaks to their personal aesthetic.

The Favorite

The Scallop Paci

The Motto

Our motto is quality over quantity! In a world full of ‘stuff’ we’re focused on creating products slowly and intentionally. We want our customers to receive the very best - baby essentials that are extremely high quality, safe , beautiful and functional.


About the Brand

At Loui, we’re focused on creating extremely safe, clean products that are both beautiful and functional.


US CPSIA Compliant | 16 CFR Part 1511
FDA Approved
Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)

Where to Purchase?
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