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More About Us

The Sourcing

Our mats are ethically handloomed in India and dyed using an ancient Ayurvedic method that preserves the medicinal qualities of the plants. Twenty herbs are infused into the mats with antibacterial and skin soothing properties. The leftover dye bath is used to fertilize the garden where most of our herbs are grown as a part of our regenerative process. Each sale support artisans, preserving ancient art and plant knowledge. The cotton is GOTS certified and uses 91% less water than nonorganic cotton, 62 percent less energy and is grown with 0 chemicals so it is completely biodegradable. The mat itself is biodegradable and non-toxic.

The Sustainability

Our mats are voted #1 most sustainable by Yoga Journal because it is 100% natural using organic cotton, herbal dyes and non-skid natural rubber backing. We use 0 electricity to product the mats, the entire process is done by hand using traditional methods. Our process is regenerative and all water waste goes to our herbal garden. Our packaging is 100% plastic free and compostable.

The Spark

When we learned that most mats are made out of PVC, one of the most toxic and unsustainable plastics we knew that this did not align in anyway with yogis values. There had to be a better solution for yoga mats. Cotton yoga rugs are a natural answer because they are the traditional yoga tool used for hundreds of years before the invention of factory made plastic mats. Cotton mats still need to be dyed and we also found out that textile dyes is the #2 water pollutant on the planet! These toxins in PVC and textile dyes are shown in studies to absorb into our bloodstream adding to the already large chemical burden our bodies work hard to filter every day. We really believe that all product can be made in a way that is not only neutral but regenerative for the earth and human health. Our research led us to an Ayurvedic style of dying that uses medicinal plants to create wellness textiles. It all just made sense to create our mats in India using this process to support artisans, preserve this ancient artisanal knowledge, and pay homage to the birthplace of yoga itself.

The Differentiator

Our yoga mats are not only sustainable but the only one that promotes wellbeing. We use herbal dyes and handloomed organic cotton to create gorgeous mats worthy of hanging on your wall and using for a lifetime. They also are designed with the perfect level of grip that promotes strength building more than typical plastic mat.

The Favorite

Our Chakra mat was designed by our artisan partners and is one of our favorite products. It's vibrant rainbow colors help to align your chakras and feel more balanced.

The Motto

Our motto is "Grounded in Nature" because our mats help yogis feel aligned and grounded in their values of natural wellness.

Oko Living

About the Brand

Unleash your true potential with a yoga rug. Yoga rugs are the original yoga tool and ours are sustainably designed to bring yogis closer to a healthy, authentic and aligned practice using all natural materials.


GOTS certified organic cotton.

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