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More About Us

The Sourcing

Our sourcing is done through Ethical and Fair Trade practices.

The Sustainability

Cotton Packaging
We package our myMerino and organic cotton collection products in reusable 100% natural and organic cotton bags, which can be reused and recycled.
You can get even more creative and take them on a camping trip or use them as a laundry or a grocery bag.

Our myMerino bags also became very popular for various charity events and organizations.
We are very proud to have become sponsors in such amazing nonprofit organizations such as Teen Cancer America and GIFT (Global Initiative to Free Trafficking Victims).

PEVA Packaging
Our packaging for myBedding products come in PEVA, an ecofriendly, phthalates free and BPA free packaging/plastic substrate with non toxic materials. It is also one of the most environmentally safe packaging alternatives developed today.
It is fully recyclable #7.

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Packaging
To ensure no chemicals, dust or off gassing potentially affect our bedding, we also wrap our myMerino and organic cotton collection products in LDPE packaging.

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The Spark

The Differentiator

* Sleep & Beyond® is the “Top 3 Best Wool Bedding Brands” in North America and one of the largest manufacturers of organic and natural wool filled bedding around the world.
* We pride ourselves to be the experts in organic and natural wool and cotton bedding and beyond.
* We dance our way to work because we love what we do and have been perfecting our products since 1992.
* Only the finest and purest nature created raw materials, such as 100% organic Merino wool, 100% natural Shropshire wool, 100% organic and natural cotton, 100% natural latex are used to create each of our master pieces.
* We raise our own Merino sheep in the mountainous lands of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool for myMerino collection.
* We consider ourselves to be a fair trade employer by paying fair wages to our factory workers, providing great working conditions, and never involving child labor.
* Our products are tested to be free of arsenic, VOC’s and other carcinogenic chemicals that are used in majority of the conventional bedding such as down, polyester and silk.
* Our products carry the most stringent certifications to back up our statements such as “100% natural” or “100% organic” (GOTS, OEKO TEX, WOOLMARK, FAIR TRADE)
* By purchasing our bedding, you support many local economies around the world, protect the environment from pollution, promote balanced eco system and prolong your health.

The Favorite

Our favorite product is the 1.5" thick organic merino wool topper called the myMerino Topper. The most popular products are the organic cotton protector, myProtector - the 2-in-1 wool filled mattress protector, myComforter and organic sheets. The most popular new product is the 3" myWoolly Latex Topper that would make you feel like sleeping on a cloud. Favorite among employees are myMerino organic wool filled comforter, myTopper - 1.5" wool-filled mattress topper, myTraining Pillow and myWoolly Side Pillow.

The Motto

MOTTO: "Like no other bedding in the World.
"Create an inspirational, sustainable, and educational business system that will benefit the human society without harming the Planet."

Sleep & Beyond

About the Brand

We are a 3rd generation family owned bedding manufacturer with fair trade and sustainable factories located in Kyrgyzstan, “The Switzerland of Central Asia”, England, Belgium, India, Pakistan and China.


Global Organic Textile Standard, Woolmark, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX Standard, Greenguard Standard, Sedex ZC Certificate, ISO Certified 9001:2015, ISO Certified 14001:2015, Business Social Compliance Initiative.

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