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More About Us

The Sourcing

As a part of our commitment to better business practices and as also required by some of our large retailer customers, our plants are certified by third party audits like BSCI and SEDEX. These ensure that we are meeting a high standard for social compliance as well ethical business practices.

Further, environmentally, our products are certified for home and industrial composting. Our paper products are 100% recycled and certified by FSC for being produced from responsibly grown forests.

The Sustainability

Please refer to certifications

The Spark

The unwrapping process has a unique joy of its own. Be it an in-store purchase, an online delivery, gift from a loved one; the few seconds spent unraveling the contents of the package can be as (if not more) exciting than what's actually inside.

Tishwish was born to relish and enhance those few seconds of joy. Enhance it to the point where opening every package feels as if a wish has come true. Having a background in print, packaging and product design, we knew which direction to start in. This background also came with the insight of how taxing packaging production can be on the environment.

So we jumped right into the deep end to develop products from the ground up that would reduce the toll on the environment. Tishwish is the culmination of the joint effort of people from 9 countries all working to bring you and your customers the most satisfying and memorable unwrapping experience. If this is what you are looking for, let's make your wish come true!

The Differentiator

We are the only company providing custom solutions at Minimums as low as 100 mailers along with Free Worldwide Shipping

The Favorite

100% Compostable Custom Mailers

The Motto


About the Brand

International: Home Compostable (EN13432) and Commercially Compostable (EN13432)

Australasia: Home Compostable (AS5810) and Commercially Compostable (AS4736)

TishWish Mailers meet American, European, Australasian, and International standards of home and commercial compost with certification from global certifiers TUV Austria and ABA. The mailers leave no harmful residue behind once they breakdown.

In addition, all our stickers and tissues are made from certified 100% Recycled FSC paper

Where to Purchase?

5% off for first time customers: TISHWISHFIVE

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