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More About Us

The Sourcing

Sourced form responsible felling, our materials are non-polluting. Rather than creating big, loud toys, we stick to the ones that are more responsible to the environment.

Additionally, our workshop is nested in a hill-bound community in Tepoztlan, Mexico, and provides fair pay to employees within the community, and we are constantly working on the betterment of their working conditions and constant training for all our elements.

The Sustainability

We understand everything as a cycle. We are committed to creating toys that have a long life span, and then return to their cycle in nature. That is why we use water-based painst and non-toxic materials in every stage of the creation of our toys.

The Spark

Wiwiurka was born as a family brand dedicated to designing beautifully crafted furnishings and toys. It started because Ana and Marek, our founders, started their own family. Along with their passion for nature. When Wiwiurka started 10 years ago, my husband focused on Tree pruning and building OOAK playgrounds for kids, and with the passing of the years, we started developing the line of products we offer today.

The Differentiator

The love we have for what we do, we are passionate about it and it shows in every one of our products. Thsi translates to offering the best experience, from being a guide for play to a first time clueless mom about what toy is the best for her child, to offer an amazing customer service, to handcrafted pieces with care and love and finally to bring joy and happiness to homes that choose us.

The Favorite

The best selling products are the XXL rocker board and the climbing equipment (the arch and the triangle). But it usually changes with seasons.

The Motto

Elevating play experience for children.

Wiwiurka Toys

About the Brand

Wiwiurka has developed a line of based on alternative pedagogies, mainly Waldorf, Montessori and Pikler, based on freedom of play: the idea that children should have complete freedom to learn and develop on their own, in an environment of understanding and love that is stimulating, paying attention to free movement and looking for each child to display their own individuality.


Gold Medal Mom's Choice Awards
Romper Toy Box 2020
Nominated for Etsy design awards
Silver Medal Junior Mag Design awards

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