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More About Us

The Sourcing

The Sustainability

A sustainable alternative to the 11 million disposable razors sold every day,

Completely plastic-free product + plastic-free packaging.

The Spark

Why do we waste so much plastic for one shave? And why do plastic razors look so unattractive? There are 30 billion $ in sales of plastic razors every year. You can imagine how much waste is left behind. That's why we have made our goal to make plastic-free shave a routine in every bathroom.

The Differentiator

We know we are not the only ones in the market but we offer unique designs and the whole line of products for the shaving ritual :)

The Favorite

SUED razor and soon we will bring to the Us all of our products

The Motto

plastic-free, irritation-free, unique and stylish razors designed by professionals.


About the Brand

We are a start-up founded in 2018 and it quickly became clear that WLDOHO needed a sustainable purpose.

We asked ourselves why so much plastic needs to be wasted while shaving and why plastic razors are so unaesthetic!

Thus, our mission was born:

To make a plastic-free shave is a matter-of-course in every bathroom and at the same time to give more back to nature than it gives us every day.


Where to Purchase? Discount code: PRIMROSE15 (15% discount on their first purchase)

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