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More About Us

The Sourcing

We manufacture internationally in India through our sister brand, Metawear ( They source regenerative organic transitional cotton from farmers who have joined our cotton improvement program, RESET. They work with farmers to train them in regenerative organic farming practices which build soil health, sequester carbon, and remove toxic chemicals from the farms and surrounding communities.

The Sustainability

Our clothing is GMO-free and GOTS certified--assuring full transparency and traceability through the entire textile supply chain, from farm to finished product. We also use organic cotton which diversifies farmers' income streams through crop rotation and reducing soil erosion. As for our packaging, it's either completely biodegradable or recyclable.

The Spark

Our founder Marci Zaroff has spent the past three decades working with a close-knit team of Indian farmers, mills and collaborators. Her vision for YES AND was born from the deep love she has for India and the family of co-creators that she has built there over time.

The Differentiator

Marci’s leadership in transforming the fashion industry from within –building innovative transparent supply chains with an emphasis on creating a conscious business. She created YES AND to be focused on not only people, planet and prosperity, but also passion and purpose.

The Favorite

The most popular product at the moment is our Ashley Denim Paper Bag Waist Shorts which are perfect for the upcoming warmer weather!

The Motto

The YES AND journey — fashion is not at odds with sustainability.


About the Brand

Our YES AND mission — fashion is not at odds with sustainability. Our vibe is edgy, flattering & fun — YES, AND we are certified organic, low-impact dyed, and ethically made! We believe that no one should have to compromise value or values in order to make a smart and stylish fashion statement.


Where to Purchase?

Our Website at
(Use code YAPRIMROSE11 for 11% off at checkout!)

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