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More About Us

The Sourcing

Ethical, Carbon Neutral, Straight from ethical farms and factories shipped to USA small shipping and handling centers. CEO has been to every location and step to do checks and balances.

The Sustainability

We believe in sustainability in every aspect of our business. No plastic is used in any of our packaging all of it is recyclable or biodegradable.

The Spark

Brianna worked in the textile industry for years through prana/under armor. She worked as their first full-time sustainability employee. After seeing the destructive nature of the textile industry for people and planet she decided to start her own brand to disrupt the system. Anact focuses on small changes and simple acts that create big change. Brianna's simple act was starting this business.

The Differentiator

We use 55% hemp in all our products. We are the first one of kind hemp towel and are working towards legalizing and bringing hemp production to the USA/FL. We believe hemp is the future of sustainability.

The Favorite

While we have limited products we believe that excellence in everything we do is the key. Our favorite and most popular product is our towel set which includes our bath towel, hand towel, wash towel. Another team favorite is our BLM tote bag which includes photography from a local artist and part of the sales go to a local foundation.

The Motto

The Anact is symbolic of going against the grain and standing up for what is right even when it's uncomfortable. We wanted to achieve that by representing simple acts that create ripples and a wave that create positive impact.


About the Brand

Our goal is to disrupt the textile industry and show that you can be sustainable without a sacrifice. We want to design products for end of life and close the loop on ever product we sell. We believe that by showing the increasing demand for sustainable products, (especially those made out of hemp) that we can create jobs for U.S. farmers to grow hemp and manufacture here in the United States. We believe in manufacturing locally to the markets you sell to even if that is around the world.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), one to two person team that meets most certification requirements but do to bandwidth we do not apply for them because they are time/labor/financially intensive so we focus on sharing what we do on our website and social media but as we grow we will apply.

Where to Purchase?
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