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Natural Soap

Actually clean your home with these powerful, clean products for home and laundry.

Juice Maker

Cook your meals in non-toxic cookware.

Step Ladder

Simple cosmetic upgrades to construction.  Find products that fit your project here.

Baby with Toys

Discover brands for your little one.

Pregnancy Test

Test your home, your water, your air, or test yourself!

Image by Superkitina

Alternatives for your Teeth Care, Personal Care, and  Feminine Care.

Water Purifier & Glass

Brands that can help you with clean air and water.  Light optimization as well!


These are my favorite health optimization brands.  Everything from Saunas to Red Lights.  But remember basics before boosts!


Clean & green workout equipment

Modern Bathtub

Upgrade your bath and shower routine with new shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Image by Katsia Jazwinska

Linens, Sheets, Towels, Bathmats, Cozy Throws & More.

Wooden Bed

Upgrade your furniture or mattress with these brands.

Image by Noelle Australia

Make your home smell better with the power of nature.

Upcoming Additions

If you would like your brand featured, please reach out to us at

Not all upcoming categories are listed below.

Image by Alvan Nee

Brands for your best friend.

Beauty Products

Harness the power of nature in your beauty routine upgrade.

Knitted Sweaters Up Close
Second Hand

Sites where you can purchase second hand products!

Clothes Hanging on a Rack

Get clothes free of harsh chemicals.  Your hormones will thank you.

Office Corridor

Companies that can help your business.

Solar Panel Home
Renewable Energy

Companies that can help make your home more sustainable.

Phone on Desk
Health Tech

Mitigate EMFs, track your cycle, purify your air or water, and so much more!

Plant in White Pot

Mindful decor to elevate your space.

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