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More About Us

The Sourcing

As business is growing, we plan to source locally and lessen our carbon footprint as much as possible. Glass straws, we have been in contact with a glass blower in California. Bamboo lids, we have connected with another small business locally in Portland, Oregon. Glass jars, we are distributed from Connecticut. Currently, we are working with a local shipping company to provide shipping boxes

The Sustainability

Our packaging is either 100% plastic-free or a reused box. We believe in reusing boxes as many times as possible if we can. We use kraft packaging tape and kraft bubble wrap to protect product compartments, while still shipping product safely

The Spark

As a first time mom, my daughter at the time was only four-months. I knew her first year was crucial and I wanted to find a solution to be able to support family and work only part-time and do something "at home". ECommerce seemed like the best fitting, and I discovered my passion (even in my personal life) to reduce waste and the "Spark" happened shortly after the plastic bag and straw ban in Portland, Oregon. I've noticed many boba shops opening up and SO many plastic goes into landfill, so I wanted to find a solution, while also looking chic, thus the concept of glass boba jars and bamboo lids came to life. We were the first to introduce this in the U.S.

The Differentiator

We offer personalized engravings like images on the lid or names to make it giftable for friends, families, and even bridesmaids gifts. There was a short period of time where we also offered etched designs on your glass boba jar

The Favorite

My favorite is the Classic glass boba jar because it was the very first product released. It fits in a car compartment so it's great on the go, it's clear all around so you can see your drink creations, and it has a slim, tall design, similar to what a boba cup looks like. I overall love the boho look

The Motto

We strive to revolutionalize the boba industry and reduce plastic waste, with one glass boba jar at at time. Our company values continuous learning on how we can also reduce carbon foot print and to support the zero waste lifestyle


About the Brand

Eco-friendly glass boba jars with 100% plastic-free compartments, including a bamboo lid and choice of stainless steel or glass boba straws (and plastic-free shipping!). All-natural and premium tapioca pearls available Made in Portland, Oregon with only 4 ingredients


Where to Purchase?
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