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More About Us

The Sourcing

All items are sourced from ethical sources meaning Fair Trade, Cruelty Free and as local as possible. We ensure top quality for all of our ingredients.

The Sustainability

We have been zero waste since our inception in 2008. We only package in glass jars with metal lids, paperboard containers and tins. Our shipping is plastic free with recycled boxes and recycled paper wrapping. Our labels are local with soy inks and recycled paper. We print on sustainable paper and all of our ingredients are ethically sourced.

The Spark

The need for skincare that was helpful instead of harmful for the complete system. It's therapeutic for the body and doesn't damage the eco-system along the way.

The Differentiator

We put ingredients together in a way that is fully utilizing the full spectrum of benefits. We use top quality oils, essential oils, butters and herbs to tackle a skin issue or provide a myriad of benefits in a single product.

The Favorite

Our buyers rave about our Magnesium Lotion and Sunscreen!

The Motto

Don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't put in it.

Butter Me Up Organics

About the Brand

Organic skin, home and baby care made with 100% clean, organic ingredients.


Where to Purchase?
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