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More About Us

The Sourcing

We're passionate about providing pure formulations that are good for you and the planet. We ethically source our ingredients to ensure they are cruelty-free and sustainably-extracted. Many of our ingredients are derived from Earth’s remarkable botanical sources with an emphasis on sustainability. From Himalayan Pink Salt to Chia Seed Oil, our treatments combine binders, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and essential oils to restore your body to its maximum health.

The Sustainability

We create products that are good for you and good for the planet. We believe it's our responsibility as a brand to leave as little impact of the environment and protect our planet as grow.

Earth-friendly Ingredients.
We use organic ingredients that are farmed with no pesticides or fertilizers that cause damage to our soils. We use natural dyes for coloring, like red beet and butterfly pea powder, instead of synthetic dyes that pollute our waterways. We are meticulous about our partners, and ethically source our ingredients to ensure they are cruelty-free and sustainably-extracted.

Biodegradable Packaging.
According to the EPA, one third of all single-use plastic in landfills stems from the beauty and personal care industry. We’ve opted out of fossil-fuel derived plastic packaging that takes up to 450 years to decompose. Our packaging is made from plants and naturally biodegrades within a year.

One Tree Planted Per Order.
All donations will be given to the Eden Restoration Project, a non-profit that restores healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year in Madagascar, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Central America, Kenya and Haiti.

Carbon Neutral Shipping.
We are now buying carbon credits to offset our shipping emissions for all orders. All carbon credits will help fund renewable energy and restoration projects in Pachama.

The Spark

We were two healthy, young women when both of our lives changed in a blink of an eye.

Years back, Christina suddenly became very ill. Refusing to live a life of pills and wheelchairs, she went on a mission to find alternatives. Christina spent the following years studying natural remedies to help heal, alleviate symptoms and pull toxins from her body. Through her research, she was shocked to learn how toxic our world actually is, and therefore, our bodies. During the same time, Julie survived a traumatic assault. She became weighted with depression and PTSD. Plagued by nightmares and flashbacks, she struggled to get through each day. Despite this, she was determined to feel safe again and not let this event control her life. She knew it was going to demand serious self-love rituals to heal and reconnect with herself.

For Christina, baths were medicinal and pain-relieving. For Julie, baths were a safe space where she could quiet her mind. During this time, we both realized the magical healing properties a bath could provide, and, let’s just say, we became obsessed. Once we replaced our painkillers and anti-anxiety medicine with natural bath remedies, we wanted to share our soaks and stories to help heal and inspire others.

The Differentiator

At Detox Babe®, we believe your body is your temple and it is your duty to take care of it. Knowing that everything we put on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream, we carefully pick each ingredient with your health in mind. Every ingredient used in our bath soaks holds a specific therapeutic purpose, tailored to detoxifying or a specific symptom.

Our products are made with love using many natural, organic and highly-potent ingredients. We do not use synthetic chemicals or fillers in any of our products allowing for maximum restorative potential. Our scents are created with pure flower and plant essences - no artificial fragrances. We formulate our treatments through research-backed data to ensure optimal results. All of our formulas are created and tested by us - not on animals.

Our products are created without synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, sulfates, aluminum, mineral oils, petroleum, chemicals or fillers. Our products are created with natural, organic & food-grade ingredients, pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, cold-pressed oils and steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils.

The Favorite

Bye Bye Stress, Bye Bye Pain and Bye Bye Toxins.

The Motto

At Detox Babe®, we believe your body is your temple and it is your duty to take care of it.

Detox Babe

About the Brand

Potent bath formulas that help remove impurities & target symptoms naturally.


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