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More About Us

The Sourcing

At Eucalypso, we are dedicated to innovation and creating solutions. We believe the best production processes are ones that use natural source materials to help protect the environment.

We’re super selective about who we work with because we believe quality products come from quality people who manage their farms, facilities, and factories responsibly.

Eucalypso's TENCEL™ lyocell manufacturing process begins with natural eucalyptus plants, harvested from a sustainably grown eucalyptus forest in Austria.

Our products are made in small batches to protect the environment and prevent against environmental degradation. We are patient with the growth of our resources in order to maintain an environmental balance.

The Sustainability

Sustainability is the north star of everything we do at Eucalypso.

By choosing more earth friendly fibers and making better choices across the supply chain, we can conserve more natural resources and prevent further environmental degradation.

The materials and production process we have implemented are helping reduce waste creation, combat pollution, and provide more renewable resources all while giving you the best sustainable bedding.

TENCEL™ lyocell from eucalyptus is one of the best sustainable bedding materials today. For less than 1/10 of the water it takes to grow cotton, our fields yield 10x more eucalyptus per acre. Our fabrics are milled with high eco-standards, created a closed-loop system that helps to minimize waste.

The Spark

Born out of a desire to make ethical sustainable bedding, Eucalypso started from a simple dream to create something that is Earth friendly and even better for people who have trouble sleeping.

Eucalypso came out of a small dream; a desire to create bedding that is more ecofriendly, ethical, and sustainable, an alternative to the harmful cotton production.

We feel that more than ever it is especially important that we stick to our core beliefs of creating high quality products that are good for the planet. We are still being conscientious and thoughtful about the quality of our products and especially how things are made. Sustainability is at the core of what we do, and we want to make sure you love our products and their ecofriendly properties as much as we do.

We've spent years creating a new type of innovative fabric that is silky soft, breathable, and ultra sustainable. Created in NYC & milled in Austria, our eucalyptus bedding is of the highest quality and thread count.

The Differentiator

We make the highest quality eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell eucalyptus sheets on the market. You will find that not only do we have the highest thread count TENCEL™ sheets on the market, our sheets are also noticeably softer, more breathable, and less prone to pilling. Also, our sheets are some of the most sustainably made sheets that exists out there.

Why is that? Because we've spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on research and development to ensure that we are delivering to you the best quality sheets money can buy. We care about quality and transparency, so we are delivering on our promise to providing you with premium quality good that do not damage the environment.

So what are the other brands of eucalyptus sheets doing? Well, you should first ensure that they are selling certified TENCEL™ lyocell products - if they are not, they are likely making an off-brand product that mimics the technology used to make TENCEL™ lyocell. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you will want to ensure that these products can hold up in quality and environmental standards.

The Favorite

Classic Sheet Set, and Eucalyptus Silk Pillowcase Set

The Motto

Modern sheets for the modern sleeper.


About the Brand

The world's softest and coolest sheets made from 100% natural eucalyptus fibers for the perfect balance of breathable, pampering, and ecofriendly.


Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), CertiPur-US, Fair Trade Certified, OEKO-TEX Standard 100

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