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More About Us

The Sourcing

As an environmental company, we care about these things more than most.

All but one component is made domestically, and our kits are assembled in Lancaster, PA, by people being paid a fair wage.

The Sustainability

"The packaging is comprised of post-consumer content. All of the components can be recycled and/or reused.

Here's a link to our environmental policy:"

The Spark

The awareness that my childhood home was the underlying cause of my severe asthma and allergies as a kid led me into the healthy home business in 2002. Shortly thereafter I founded 1-800-GOT-MOLD?, a nationally recognized mold inspection company built on a no-conflict-of-interest policy. Over the years we had to turn away countless people who were concerned about their air, simply because they couldn't afford our inspection fees. I have long believed that healthy indoor air is a basic human right and should not be cost-prohibitive, so I put together a dream team of designers, engineers and mycologists to create the easiest, most reliable test kit on the market, at a price anyone can afford. And we did it. Now, without any of the hassle or inconvenience of trying to find an hire a qualified professional you can test your air in up to three rooms, quickly and affordably. No appointments to schedule. No sales pitches to endure. Just good data at a reasonable cost.

Here's a link to my story.

The Differentiator

"Our tagline says it all: Real Science, Real Simple

We looked at all the test kits our there and couldn't find a single one we would recommend. So we decided to create our own, and designed ours to overcome all of the other kits' shortcomings. So, in a word, what makes us different? Everything.

• Free standard shipping both ways
• No surprise fees or hidden charges
• Fair and all-inclusive pricing
• Easy to follow instructions
• Quick turnaround time
• No conflicts of interest
• Spectacular support
• And our lab partner is top-rated, worldwide!

The Favorite

Our 3-Room Kit is our best seller, and it gives you the most insight into your environment. Once you're done, you can keep the BioVac air sampling pump to retest again, or share it with a friend who also cares about their air.

The Motto

We have two:

Real Science, Real Simple


Doing well by doing good, while having a great time doing it.


About the Brand

Mold testing is expensive and it's hard to know who to trust. We've solved both problems.


All analyses are AIHA-accredited

Where to Purchase?
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