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More About Us

The Sourcing

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile manufacturing and processing standard for organic fabrics and fibers. Gray Heron's GOTS certification ensures that throughout the manufacturing supply chain the people making your blankets are paid a living wage, work in safe and clean conditions, and are not working for too many hours at a time.
Conventionally produced cotton is laden with pesticides and insecticides, using more toxins than almost any other crop. Frankly, conventionally made blankets are not good for your family or the earth. Pesticides poison farmers and the run-off seeps into drinking water, lakes and streams. Factory workers have to breathe in fumes from cotton chemicals when producing textiles and we feel the harmful effects of non-organic cotton. Headaches, rashes, irritated skin and a build up of carcinogens in our bodies can be the end-result.

When founding Gray Heron, we had a choice: find a fabric that would maximize profits or take our time, limit our impact on the earth, pay workers all along the supply chain a living wage, and stand behind our product, knowing that you will sleep and snuggle under a blanket made responsibly. Every decision we make at Gray Heron, we do so with the utmost respect for the earth, for you the customer, and for all of the people who help grow, make and deliver our textiles. Although it means we will be small-scale and take less by the way of profits, it's just the way we have to do business.

The Sustainability

We package all of our Gray Heron's using the same material we use to make our blankets. Our muslin cinch bags are reusable and make our blankets just the sweetest gifts. Our baby blankets are packaged with muslin ties as well. When sending out Gray Herons to customers, we use recycled and re-usable packages.

The Spark

I had received several muslin swaddle blankets as shower gifts. Not only did I love the feel of the material, but I loved that cotton muslin is a breathable fabric. I searched and searched to find a thicker version of my baby's swaddle blanket for adults and noted a gap in the marketplace. When I connected with a local fabric designer who developed my first line of prints and helped me land on the perfect buttery soft fabric, the cotton seed was planted!

The Differentiator

It is impossible to find organic cotton muslin blankets in 4 or 8 layers in queen and king sizes of this quality. Gray Heron selects only classic colors and prints, inspired by the New England coast, using organic dyes to create the most serene of bed coverings and throws.

The Favorite

I can not keep my solid throws in stock. With an accessible price point, these tend to be a gateway into the Gray Heron line. I have so many customers start with one throw and then come back for more and add a bed blanket to their collection as well.

The Motto

You may not be a baby anymore, but you can still sleep like one.

Gray Heron

About the Brand

We call these craft blankets. Gray Heron offers only small-batch organic blankets in the highest quality, softest cotton muslin the world has to offer. We make our blankets thick enough to serve as quilt, but they remain lightweight and breathable for year-round comfort.


GOTS Certified Organic

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