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More About Us

The Sourcing

We source all our wool from New Zealand. At the quantities we require to make your insulation, properly cleaned and graded wool does not exist in the the US or Canada unfortunately. New Zealand is the global leader in the science, engineering and infrastructure to properly clean wool to be used as a professional building product.

Animal welfare is also one of the reasons we source our wool from New Zealand. Animal welfare in New Zealand is covered by the Animal Welfare Act 1999. This robust document is enforced quite strictly when necessary which is fortunately not very often.

The Sustainability

Havelock Wool is a truly sustainable building material, from its production to the end of its life. Our overall carbon emissions stack up extremely favorably compared to any other insulation material. It’s easy to understand as our raw material is not petrochemical-based and our process is not energy-intensive. We use repurposed textile machinery that runs on electricity. Further, wool is biodegradable and compostable unlike mainstream insulation which will sit in landfill, or, worse, on the ocean floor for the next 1,000 years. So after a very long life, wool can be placed back in the earth where it will break down on its own and actually fertilize the soil.

In the spirit of environmental transparency we have published an Environmental Product Declaration and a Life Cycle Assessment. These are third party data rich documents that provide in-depth details on our full environmental impact. Normally the employ of the professional building community but we believe everyone should use them to make informed building material decisions.

The Spark

It is our goal to produce a truly superior building product with unrivaled integrity. We work exclusively with those who appreciate alternative building products and a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem. We are actively building consumer awareness concerning conventional toxic building materials and enjoy introducing solutions to the equation

The Differentiator

Our raw material, wool, has evolved over 10,000 years into the ultimate insulator. It is an incredibly dynamic fiber which performs extremely well all while being a sustainable, renewable and compostable material. Our manufacturing process involves repurposed textile machinery run on electricity and we include no additional binders or adhesives.

The Favorite

Havelock Wool Blown-In Insulation - the highest performing, easiest to install insulation on the market.

The Motto

We are Healthy, High-Performance Insulation

Havelock Wool

About the Brand

We make natural, high-performance insulation products from wool. Our processing involves the lowest net embodied energy in the industry while we meet or exceed industry standards with regard to thermal conductivity, moisture management, sound attenuation and passive filtration. Havelock Wool Insulation can be used in your home, apartment building, tiny house and even your van….. anywhere you want a high-performance, healthy environment.


Declare Label, Environmental Product Declaration, LEED, HPD, US Green Building Council. ASTM Tests : E84 (Surface Burning), C518 (Thermal Conductivity), C423 (Sound Absorption), E96 (Water Vapor), ASTM1498 (Moisture Storage Function), C1338 (Mold Resistance)

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