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More About Us

The Sourcing

Kalon works primarily with natural materials, embracing unique character and color as integral design elements. These high-quality materials have minimal to no chemical processing and no harmful additives. Our materials are thoughtfully sourced for longevity and the ability to grow more beautiful with age and use.

To maintain healthy forests, the most responsible wood choice is sustainably managed, locally-sourced wood. All our woods are sustainably harvested from forests local to our factory. Traditionally, only wood with “ideal” grain structure makes it to market. On the other hand, we put minimal restriction on the grain structure of the woods that we select, which is vitally important to reducing waste in the timber industry

When it’s structurally beneficial we use FSC Certified Baltic Birch Plywood. It passes CARB II emission standards for Formaldehyde (California 93120 Phase 2 compliant for formaldehyde), the strictest emission standard to date.

The metals for our custom parts and hardware are selected for their durability and beauty. Our standard finish for metal is wax. Wax allows our metals to develop a beautiful patina over time.

All textiles we use are 100% pure, natural fiber. We select the purest, all-natural fiber textiles, working primarily with organic cotton and wool. These textiles are reverently sourced from farmer to mill, and minimally processed with no flame retardants or harmful additives, which means no off-gassing.

Our upholstered products use organic latex foam and Greenguard Gold Certified wool fabrics. For durability, we allow for up to 10% synthetic content in our upholstery fabrics.

Latex + Coir
We work with GOLS-certified, hand-molded, natural latex derived from organic rubber trees and ECO Institute certified organic palm coir (coconut fiber from recycled coconut husks).

Our mattresses are made in the USA from only four pure materials: organic coir, organic natural latex, natural wool, and organic cotton. Each is carefully sourced and certified for natural, organic content at the various stages of production, from farmer and crop to factory. They are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and mold, naturally fire-retardant and naturally cooling. They are entirely free of additives, chemical flame retardants, and toxins.

The Sustainability

We make every effort to be as green and sustainable as possible. As we work to find sustainable solutions to manufacturing, we engage many of the newest — and sometimes, the oldest — methods and materials.

The materials we work with are carefully selected for their unique qualities as well as their ability to grow more beautiful with age and use. This is no accident — the longer we love a piece, the more sustainable that purchase becomes. To that end, pieces are designed with flexibility of use, durability, and timeless appeal in mind. Our hope is that our work will adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs and tastes over the course of a lifetime.

Each piece is made by a small team of highly skilled craftspeople in the United States using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests and the highest quality sustainable materials and finishes. Every decision is made with the utmost care and consideration.

The Spark

We design for our genuine needs as well as the feelings and perspectives we wish to cultivate and see more of. We saw there was a huge dearth of contemporary American-made furniture that spoke to the needs and lifestyles of modern customers, so we started designing the pieces we most wanted to see in the world ourselves.

The Differentiator

Sustainably-minded, US-made furniture produced with integrity from start to finish and meant to last a lifetime and beyond. We wish that were not a differentiator, and we hope one day it won't be!

The Favorite

Caravan Crib is a customer favorite. It changed the game for crib and nursery design.
The Divan Twin is another beloved classic. It looks good everywhere, is multi-use, and is the perfect balance of striking and streamlined.
We also love the Simple Bed for its airy modernity and the way it elevates any sleep space into something closer to a peaceful refuge.

The Motto

Design for a sustainable culture. We are not simply creating sustainable designs. Rather, we think of sustainability and impact as an ecosystem -- and our designs as part of that ecosystem of impact. From those involved in creating work to the production choices we make, we consider the full picture and act with intention.

Kalon Studios

About the Brand

Kalon Studios produces work with a strong focus on elemental forms, natural materials and versatility. The studio prides itself on its intense focus on materiality, which is at the forefront of each of their designs, as is an obsession with integrity. Kalon has a deep commitment to sustainable, US-based production, and each piece is made by a small team of highly skilled traditional craftspeople using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests and the highest quality sustainable finishes and materials. Pieces are designed with flexibility of use, durability and timeless desirability in mind. Our hope is to create pieces our customers grow with and love for lifetime.


ASTM + CPSC Compliant
GreenGuard™ Certified (Finishes)
SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified
American-Grown NOP-Certified Organic Cotton
The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Thread
Oeko-Tex Certified
Made in the USA
ECO Institute
Eu Ecolabel Certified
Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certified
Contributes to LEED 2009 Mr Credit 6, Rapidly Renewable Materials
Contributes to LEED 2009 Ieq Credit 4.5, Low Emitting Materials, Systems Furniture and Seating
Contributes to LEED 2009 HC MR Credit 5, Furniture and Medical Furnishings

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