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More About Us

The Sourcing

We commit to creating sustainable products by using materials that minimize our environmental impact. Our bamboo is harvested from FSC certified plantations. (The Forest Stewardship Council certified forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards.)

The Sustainability

Our pads are plastic-free. We also use earth-friendly elements for compostable wrappers and packaging made from recycled materials. Our shipping tape can also be composted or recycled.

The Spark

Pads of the past were bulky, incredibly inconvenient and the potential for leakage kept us paranoid. As they piled up in the wastebasket, we couldn’t help but think about them taking years to decompose in a landfill. Then we discovered that bamboo plants are a natural alternative to the materials found in traditional pads. Compared to cotton and wood pulp, bamboo is a renewable and self-replenishing resource that requires less water and energy to produce. We realized it’s a great source for a different kind of sanitary pad.

The Differentiator

Kindfully wanted to create sustainable personal care products that are kind to you and kind to Earth. Traditional and newer brands use cotton as the main material while Kindfully pads are bamboo-based. This resource helps deodorize, keeping you fresh - and is hypoallergenic, reducing irritation. Our pads and wrappers are completely plastic and tree free.

The Favorite

Our liners are specially designed for a light flow or everyday wear. Ultra thin and soft to the touch, this liner features a breathable cover and absorbent core.

The Motto

Kind to you. Kind to Earth.


About the Brand

Every month, we have the choice to use pads that can make a difference. That’s why we created a sustainable product that’s kind to you and kind to Earth. Our pads are crafted using natural bamboo fiber and other plant-based materials - free of plastic and harsh chemicals. Kindfully is your earth-friendly sanitary solution for a happy period, naturally.


Leaping Bunny (will apply to wipes when product is launched)

Where to Purchase? (20% for first time shoppers with code: PRIMROSE)

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