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More About Us

The Sourcing

KOOSHOO has ethical manufacturing you can be proud to support. Fair-trade and GOTS certified social good facility owned and operated by nuns. Profits are used by the nuns to fund a cancer treatment centre. Small footprint manufacturing with organic cotton and natural rubber both grown close to our cut, sew, and dye facility.

We believe you should know the origin of the products you buy, as well as the communities and individuals benefiting from your informed buying decisions. Our ethical, transparent supply chain values the working conditions of our artisans as they create our collections. This means sourcing organic, plant-based and plastic-free materials, and then following their journey, from harvesting to manufacturing, shipping and natural disposal. We focus on ethical treatment, fair wages and sustainable practices that empower both the creator and the consumer. Our suppliers hold Fairtrade, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FSC and Sedex certifications.

The Sustainability

Every shift, however small, makes an impact - and sometimes the smallest shifts are the easiest. At KOOSHOO, we are committed to doing business the right way - while inspiring our customers to participate in this change. We are working toward making a meaningful difference on our planet and its people - and this starts with a transparent, environmentally mindful supply chain. We believe in high function, low impact, long-lasting, and thoughtfully sourced products - designed to last, just not in a landfill. We are committed to reducing waste, chemicals and other materials that endanger our waterways, poison our soil and cause harm to those who come in contact with them. Our products are made with organic cotton, natural tree rubber, non-toxic dyes, social good suppliers and plastic-free packaging. Our warehouse partners ship to customers 100 plastic-free thanks to paper shipping envelopes and paper tape.

The Spark

In 2009, the direction of our lives changes forever because a wrong turn in Borneo revealed not the orangutang we had come to see but rather a swath of pristine wilderness destroyed by an industry churning out products for western consumption.

What began as innocent research into the power of conscious consumerism, zero waste, and plastic-free movements soon involved into deep dives into social-good supply chains, the incredible potential of renewable, plant-based textiles, and the importance of fair wages and ethical treatment.

We set out on a path to create a sustainable product that fills a need and empowers customers - without adding to the load that is weighing down the planet. In 2010, KOOSHOO was born. Two years later, in 2012, we began selling KOOSHOO products. - launching the first commercially-made plastic-free hair tie elastics in the world.

We set out to make one small, positive change that would have a big impact. Together, this community is doing exactly that.

The Differentiator

When you choose KOOSHOO hair accessories you are choosing organic, biodegradable and responsibly created products that are stylish, last longer and don’t damage your hair. It’s quality, style and performance without the ethical compromise. That’s a choice that fees good.

The Favorite

Our Hair Ties are our most well-known product. They were the first commercially made, plastic-free hair elastics in the world - as well as being the first organic and 100% fair trade hair ties! They have come a long way since we first launched them in 2012 - thanks to constant product innovation - and have changed the game and the tranjectory of the future.

We've just launched our newest colour addition to our Hair Ties range - the Classics - that are true to their name in that there is a colour that's perfect for every occassion

Our super soft, organic cotton plastic-free Scrunchies are especially popular amongst our team as there are 16 carefully curated colours to choose from - ensuring a complement to every outfit.

The Motto

Kooshoo: style without compromise


About the Brand

Kooshoo means feeling good in the Norfolk language, and feeling good stems from the choices we make.

When you choose Kooshoo hair accessories you are choosing organic, biodegradable and plastic-free products that are stylish, last longer and don’t damage your hair. It's quality, style and performance without the ethical compromise. That's a choice that feels good.


Fairtrade organic cotton certified,

Fair Rubber Association certified natural tree rubber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified rubber trees

GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified non-toxic dyes

Where to Purchase?

FEELINGKOOSHOO15 for 15% off your first order.

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