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More About Us

The Sourcing

Our ingredients, supplies and products are fair trade and ethically sourced.

The Sustainability

Our packaging can be recycled and / or composted

The Spark

We were looking for a life change, we wanted to do something we loved, of benefit to others and that would allow us precious time with our family and ourselves. We wanted to enjoy life! I have been extremely obsessed with learning everything our ancestors did to heal the body and how to use ingredients and practices they had in today’s modern times.

I started changing everything we used in our homes, the way we nourished our bodies internally and externally. In that search, I found very little products in the market that wholesome with no preservatives. I started making our snacks, household products and body care products.

A dear friend of ours on the same journey as us had started her own business with a fantastic homemade deodorant, We were inspired by her, but didn’t know what we could do.

I have always suffered from bleeding gums, So I made a toothpowder that was helping my gums stay healthier, my husband one day said: “why don’t we turn these into a paste?” I loved the idea, we started modifying the formula and arrived way better formula than the powder itself. My gums started healing even faster, Visits to the dentist every three months were no needed anymore. My dentist was amazed by my results! We started sharing jars with family and friends and they started loving it asking us to make more.

We had no idea these would be the beginning of Lucky Teeth!

The Differentiator

As a company, we are in the process of attaining a balance between earth’s impact and a great product. We see ourselves going to a place where not only every ingredient we use has a purpose but also everything we use for packaging can be reuse and recycle. Our products are almost all made in the US.

The Favorite

Our Extra whitening Mouthwash, regular toothpaste and charcoal floss

The Motto

To provide products that assist in healing our bodies and support the environment.

Lucky Teeth

About the Brand

We are a family-owned business that loves and takes pride in creating products that heal our bodies, creating happiness in return. We use pure, wholesome ingredients that our bodies can recognize and assimilate. Ingredients that have been around for centuries used by our ancestors as medicine. At Lucky Teeth we use no preservatives, no fillers, no binding agents, no ingredients you cannot pronounce


Where to Purchase?
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