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More About Us

The Sourcing

Designed and manufactured in sunny California, using sustainable, organic and ethical materials.

The Sustainability

As mommas, sustainability is of high importance to us. We teach it, we practice it and we are continually striving to implement it throughout our brand.

For example, our grow with me "Emmy" bow is made exclusively from leftover fabric from our pajamas, these bows are not only cute and comfortable, but sustainably made!

Creating as little waste as possible is the name of our game, and the Emmy Bow is just one way of doing so!

The Spark

As two mommas (with 5 kiddos between us) who had recently traded in the corp gig, suits and heels for messy top knots, spit up and bare feet, we knew we could put our previous experience to work in a way that fed our passions and better aligned with this new phase of life we have come to love so much.

The idea for MK&Co. Organics was born over a glass of wine and conversation about why soft, simple and smart designs were so hard to find for our babes! As busy mommas, we desire to simplify life in anyway we can and clothing our babes in mix and match, easy comfort is just one more way we get to simplify.

Our big vision includes cultivating communities of mommas through our products, by uniting our customers though their passion for motherhood, their struggles through motherhood, and their happy moments & laughter through motherhood.  We envision growing to a place where we can not only give back in a bigger way but also create opportunities of employment for mommas who want to work in a flexible and remote manner, so they can continue to be with their babes while still bringing in an income.

The Differentiator

Smart and thoughtful designs such as our grow-with-me features that make our jammies last through never-ending growth spurts. Our 2 button neck line ensure that you're never squeezing tight jammies over your babes head, providing comfort in dressing, as well as wear. Our zippers are sturdy, yet flexible and well thought out for easy diapering, even in the middle of the night. Additionally we have designed in features that are sure to keep baby’s skin irritation free with our soft printed tag and zipper covers throughout all designs.

We keep our colors simple and design in a neutral color pallet that can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

Lastly, our hand chosen fabric is extremely soft and comfortable, providing you and your babes the best rest possible and peace of mind comfort.

The Favorite

Our Joey baby gown was our very first release and continues to be a best seller! Featuring fold-over sleeves to keep those tiny nails away from babies face, a bottom to top zipper for no fuss diaper changes, tag free to ensure no irritation, and the softest fabric with just enough stretch to mimic that womb-like feel. The perfect gown to bring baby from whom to world in.

The Motto

Soft, Simple, Smart.

In the depths of motherhood ourselves we are deeply passionate about bringing confidence and loyalty to our brand through quality that our customers can trust. We believe in making mommas life easier and baby’s life more comfortable, we've been there and we get it.

Cultivating a community where mommas can come to feel heard, supported and understood brings us great joy in addition to designing for our brand.

MK&Co. Organics

About the Brand

We are a small, momma owned brand that makes buttery soft, thoughtfully designed bamboo apparel for babies and toddlers. We believe in making mommas life easier and babies life more comfortable. Inspired by our own children, we create smart kids wear that you can feel good about!


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