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More About Us

The Sourcing

We source our plastic from two companies - one in Haiti and the other in Mexico. Each employs local residents to clean and harvest plastic along rivers and waterways leading to the ocean. This plastic is then upcycled to create our mini sanitizer dispenser. Aluminum was chosen as the material for the sanitizer due to its durability and infinite recyclability.

The Sustainability

We use zero waste packaging and never use plastic - even our shipping tape is environmentally friendly!

The Spark

The brand was founded at the height of the pandemic, initially as a means to get sanitizer to nursing and assisted living homes. The founders - who both have a long history within environmental and sustainability - then saw the opportunity to create a product that would help to solve the problem being created with so many people purchasing virgin plastic, disposable hand sanitizer bottles.

The Differentiator

Our products and packaging take sustainability to the next level. We are the only company that is producing a net negative plastic dispenser. We have also created a company that offsets our entire supply and transportation carbon footprint!

The Favorite

Our most popular mini is definitely the navy colour and with the launch of our new scented sanitizers the most popular version there is the fresh citrus.

The Motto

happy hands, healthy planet


About the Brand

We are the most sustainable sanitizer on the earth. We take ocean bound plastic from Haiti and Mexico and recycle it into an infinitely reusable, refillable, fun looking liquid sanitizer dispenser. We are the only plastic negative sanitizer!


Climate Neutral

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