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More About Us

The Sourcing

At Suntribe we only use certified high quality ingredients. We also ensure that we source ingredients from the closest geographical location to our European production site. All our organic ingredients are certified by COSMOS Organic. The core of our ingredient philosophy is less is more. The rest is safety and science. We never use any ingredients that have been questioned as to be dangerous for the environment or people.

The Sustainability

At Suntribe we hold Sustainability high! The majority of our products are packaged in completely plastic-free packaging. We use biodegradable cardboard packaging, fully recyclable aluminium tubes and tins, as well as sustainably sourced sugar cane tubes. We use labels printed on 100% recycled paper and use ink of the highest ecological grade. Even our packaging material to ship your orders is completely plastic-free!

The Spark

Suntribe was started more than three years ago by Karl, Hampus and Julia – three friends that love nature just as much as we love pushing ourselves to our limits when surfing, climbing or running.

So how come we started Suntribe? Essentially it’s because we feel at home in nature and we want to protect our home. We are tired of the old and overly commercial ways of making sunscreen, and to put it frank we are also angry at the way things are. The state in the sunscreen business today is that anything goes – you can use ingredients that are proven dangerous for nature and humans and it’s all perfectly legal. Crazy, right?

Our mission is to contribute to change. That is why we create worry-free natural sunscreens which are 100% free from synthetic chemicals and unnecessary ingredients like perfumes and preservatives. Our products prove that you can have high functionality and safety, there is no need for a compromise. We never put anything in our cosmetics that sacrifices these ideals, such as using synthetic chemicals just because they are cheaper. That’s not the Suntribe way.

The Differentiator

Our philosophy is grounded in only using ingredients that have been proven safe – both for us humans and the environment – while still retaining functionality. That’s why we only use organic oils, waxes, butters and natural minerals to formulate our cosmetics. We put all our products through tough, real-world test sessions before launch. If we develop a sunscreen for surfers, we test it in the harshest weather conditions, on a multitude of skin types, and in the biggest waves until we’re 100% happy with how it works.

The same goes for our more cosmetics products such as our body butters and moisturisers. All of them have been carefully crafted and developed together with skincare enthusiasts to make sure they live up to the high standards our customers expect.

The Favorite

Our absolute favourite everyday sunscreen is the "Suntribe All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen SPF 30"!

When we are out surfing and pushing ourselves to our limits, then the "Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sun Stick SPF 30" is the go to one, as it will be able to keep up with our performance and is super handy to apply.

The Motto

Our mission is to contribute to change. To create sunscreens and skin care products that make sense and are safe to use.


About the Brand

We're a Swedish company offering worry-free natural sunscreens and clean skincare. All our products are 100% natural and free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, perfume and microplastics.


x All ingredients are certified by either COSMOS Organic or EcoCert
x All of Suntribe's products are certified with the Scandinavian certifier New Generation Cert
x We have been certified by the Plastic Soup Foundation with the "No Plastic Inside" Label

Where to Purchase?
First Time Buyer 10% Discount Code: PrimroseDiscovery

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