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More About Us

The Sourcing

We source our organic cotton from a mill in India that is certified by GOTS. The cotton is grown by farmers who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative. This insures fair working conditions and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The Sustainability

We employ best practices for sustainability at every step from sourcing of raw materials, to the production of our yoga mats and through our packaging. We have replaced the plastic bag previously used, with a hand-made cotton carry bag. These bags are made exclusively for Yogasana by a woman-owned company in New Delhi that provides employment for women to help ensure financial independence and empowerment. Our shipping boxes are made of corrugated sourced from the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Each mat includes gifts for the yogi - a bookmark made of hand-made paper embossed with dried flowers + a stick of our special hand-rolled sandalwood incense (available by request). These items are part of a cottage industry made by Indian artisans.

The Spark

Our previous company was Prairie Rugs, hand-made cotton rag rugs. We have always used sustainable manufacturing practices. We are very adept at weaving cotton. After being asked by several brands of rubber/plastic yoga mats to make a cotton mat for them --- we choose instead to use our experience to develop the finest and most sustainable yoga mats...made from organic cotton.

The Differentiator

Our yoga mats are made by hand. There is an inherent difference between a plastic/rubber mat that's extruded by a machine and a hand-made cotton mat woven by a weaver. Yogis tell us they can feel the difference. Plus, each mat is signed by the weaver who wove it. This represents the hand-off from weaver to yogi.

The Favorite

We offer our mats in 7 colors. 5 colors represent the elements: Earth (brown) / Water (blue) / Fire (red) / Air (natural) / Ether (purple). We also offer Saffron (yellow/mango) & Spring (green). Each color may resonate uniquely with every yogi.

The Motto

Yogasana - hand-made organic cotton yoga mats. We treat our workers, partners, colleagues and yogi friends with respect. We believe karma is real.


About the Brand

The soul of Yogasana dates to 15th century India with the mystic poet and saint, Kabir. He earned his living as a weaver in the ancient city of Banaras. Today the weavers who make our yoga mats, near Banaras, are descended from the professional lineage of Kabir.

Each mat takes 10 days to make. All by hand. After 3 days on his loom the master weaver adds his signature to the finished mat. From his hands to yours, from hands to hearts.


Our cotton is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard.) The farmers who grow the cotton are member of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)

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